Sagging Floors? Screw Jacks to the Rescue!


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Posted By: bayarea on 19th December 2016 Category: Foundation Repair

Fix Sagging Floors in Your California Home

bayareaunderpinning.com_-683x1024 (1)If you live in an older home, you may have noticed the floor starting to sag. While this can be caused by aging, it is often the sign of a foundation problem. If a foundation problem is causing your sagging floors, is probably due to foundation movement caused by shifting soils. Water-logged soil will expand, while dry soil will shrink. This variance can cause soil movement, which in turn causes foundation movement. Sometimes, this foundation movement leaves the floor of your home sagging.

What is the solution to the sagging floors in your home?

The best solution for sagging floors is a professional screw jack installation. Screw jacks are metal support devices that are designed to lift sagging portions of your floor from below in order to even out the floor surface. Essentially, screw jacks are comprised of a threaded steel pipe resting inside a larger steel pipe. The jack is fastened to the floor beam and concrete to secure it in place. The interior pipe can then be adjusted up and down with a wing nut to level the sagging floor.

Bay Area Underpinning offers professional screw jack installation to level floors in your San Francisco area California home. Call us for a free estimate today!

Screw Jack Installation by Bay Area Underpinning

Our team has developed an efficient process for screw jack installation that will help to lift and level sinking floors. Screw jack installation consists of the following steps:

  1. Our team will first find the sagging part of your floor to figure out where exactly the screw jack should be placed.
  2. Next, we will place the jack under the mid-point of the sagging floor section. The post is positioned on top of a solid foundation to resist downward pressure as the jack presses upward.
  3. The base plate of the screw jack is positioned. This base plate is then attached to the concrete. The tubes of the screw jack are set into position and the post is raised to the proper height. Then, pins are inserted to keep the post in place.
  4. The screw jack is then lowered along with the top plate and the adjustable screw of the post is raise until the top plate almost reached the timber (the floor support beam).
  5. The screw is then turned and the screw jack adjusted until it levels the floor above.

It is vital that the screw jack is installed correctly so that it does not collapse in the future. If the screw jack is not connected properly, has a bent plate, or is not assembled properly, it can collapse and leave your crawlspace and floor in even worse condition than before. This is why you should have the professional team at Bay Area Underpinning install screw jacks to take care of your uneven floor.

Screw jacks are an excellent solution for sagging floors because they are adjustable and self-locking, relatively safe and low-risk, accurate at floor lifting, and durable and reliable. Contact the team at Bay Area Underpinning to learn more about screw jacks and crawl space piers to lift your sloping and sagging floors.