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Posted By: bayarea on 8th May 2018 Category: Foundation Repair


Many of the homes and structures in California are built on concrete slabs. For California residents, there are a lot of advantages to having a slab foundation – they minimize the risk of damage from flooding and gas leaks, they protect homes from termites, and insects, they are less expensive than basements or crawlspaces, and they offer added stability for the home. However, slab foundations often develop issues that can jeopardize the structural integrity of the entire home.

Common Problems for Concrete Slab Foundations

slab upheaval

When soil under the slab swells, it can cause the slab to heave. This can happen when the soil absorbs water, causing it to expand and push on the concrete slab above. A poorly constructed foundation could also lead to slab upheaval. Even a root from a tree or shrub growing under the foundation can push on the concrete and cause upheaval in the slab. This is especially common in times of drought when thirsty roots are looking for water. Look for uneven floors and walls or sloping in countertops or floors to see if your slab has an upheaval problem.


Slab cracks are a very common problem in California. If the foundation heaves, it may crack. Settling or shifting foundations can also lead to foundation cracks. If the soil underneath the foundation expands and pushes on the concrete, it might cause the slab to crack. Voids under the foundation can also cause the slab to crack. When the slab sinks because the ground underneath can no longer support it, the concrete might crack as it settles into the void. If you see slab cracks, determine how severe they are by measuring them. If they are larger than 1/16 of an inch, contact a foundation repair expert. Foundation cracks can lead to water leakage or pest entry.


slab shiftingShifting
If there are piers under your foundation, they might shift, causing the above foundation to shift as well. This can happen when the piers are not properly installed and changes in the soil or the moisture content of the ground cause them to move. Swelling or shifting of the soil around your home can also cause a slab foundation without piers to move or shift. If you see bulging floors, sticking doors, or interior cracks, your foundation might be shifting. Don’t let an uneven slab become a problem and contribute to trips and falls in your home or business–call our experienced team for a solution right away.


slab settlementSettlement
Every home settles – it is part of the natural aging process of a home. However, rapid settlement or uneven settlement of a slab can result in serious foundation problems. Sometimes, voids or gaps open up underneath your home due to erosion or soil shrinkage. When the soil dries up, it shrinks, causing it to fall away and leaving holes under your foundation. Erosion can also wash away soil under your home, leaving behind gaps and voids. Settlement can also be caused by earthquakes or sinkholes near your home. If you see cracks in the exterior of your home, sloped floors, gaps between the walls and the ceiling or floor, or windows or doors that stick, consult a professional.


poor slab constructionImproper Construction
If the foundation was not properly poured, it can lead to slab problems. If the construction company does not properly compact soil beneath the foundation, it will settle right away, causing structural issues and foundation problems alike. If the foundation is poorly designed or the concrete is not mixed correctly, it may crack or suffer other issues that can lead to low structural integrity. If it sounds like this might be an issue in your home, consult our team immediately. We offer foundation replacement for severe cases and repair options if a full replacement is not necessary.



How to Fix Slab Foundation Problems

Unfortunately, a failing slab is just a part of being a homeowner, and it is just part of the deal that you need to watch out for the signs of foundation failure. You might be thinking that ignoring the signs is fine for now, but don’t be fooled. You want to address the problem as soon as possible because the issue will require a less expensive and less extensive repair if caught early. Fortunately, the team at Bay Area Underpinning has a solution for all of the concrete slab foundation problems that might occur in your California home.

  • Resistance/Push Piers
  • Helical Piers
  • Drilled Concrete Piers
  • Poly Foam Injection

All of these services can help lift and level your slab to ensure that your home does not suffer structural damage or water leakage. The piers are installed under the foundation with a process called underpinning, which allows them to provide both

The piers are installed under the foundation with a process called underpinning, which allows them to provide both stabilization and lift for the concrete slab foundation. These solutions are good for many different structures, as the piers are long-lasting and durable.

Poly foam injection involves injecting a foam material underneath the slab to fill in underground voids and lift the slab. This solution is ideal for many different kinds of slabs, including driveways and sidewalks.

We also offer foundation replacement. If the slab problems in your home or business are severe, the best option may be to replace the foundation entirely with a brand new slab. Our team is careful to ensure that the foundation is designed and installed correctly, preventing issues down the road.

Contact our team today if you need a solution for slab foundation repair. Our highly skilled team of professionals can help with all of your slab repair needs. We serve the entire Bay Area of California with our expert foundation and slab repair services.