Recent Multitude of Small Earthquakes in California


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Posted By: bayarea on 30th January 2017 Category: Foundation Repair

Increasing Numbers of Earthquakes in California

In the span of just a few days earlier this month, over 250 small earthquakes occurred near the California-Mexico border. The worst of these earthquakes measured 3.9 on the Richter scale. This heavy earthquake activity is due to the complex fault set in the area, called the Brawley Fault Zone. Such fault zones are not altogether uncommon and are more likely to experience earthquake swarms like the recent one. However, larger earthquakes are always a concern for nearby residents, as well as the rest of California.

However, larger earthquakes are always a concern for nearby residents, as well as the rest of California. Scientists have speculated that the San Andreas Fault, which runs all along the western edge of California, is due to for a major tremor.

Earthquakes and Your California Foundation

SanandreasEarthquakes like these – large or small – are always a concern for your foundation. Anytime that the ground beneath your home shifts, it can cause the foundation to shift, settle, or crack. This lack of stability in the slab can result in an unstable home. You may see signs of instability, such as interior or exterior cracks, gaps between the walls and floor, sloping floors, and sticking doors or windows. These problems can occur even during small earthquakes that seem insignificant or that you may not even notice.

That is why it is important to examine your home for signs of foundation shifting often. As soon as you see any suspicious symptoms, contact Bay Area Underpinning right away. Our team offers the following piering products  and installation services to lift and stabilize your foundation:

  • Resistance Piers
  • Push Piers
  • Helical Piers
  • Slab Piers
  • Concrete Piers

Our foundation underpinning products come from ECP (Earth Contact Products), the trusted supplier for foundation repair products in the United States, ensuring high-quality steel. This high level of quality enables us to effectively repair your foundation in the event of an earthquake. Call right away to learn more or to request a free estimate.