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Posted By: bayarea on 8th October 2015 Category: Foundation Repair

Helical Tieback Repair from Bay Area Underpinning

Helical Tieback Foundation Repair in San Francisco or Oakland, CAHave you noticed foundation cracks in your basement walls or foundation footings? If you have noticed foundation cracks or leaning and bowing foundation walls, it may be time to invest in repair services from the experts at Bay Area Underpinning. We offer several different foundation repair products from ECP (Earth Contact Products), but one that is particularly useful for foundation shifting is helical tiebacks. These devices are designed to pull the foundation back to the correct position to reverse any shifting and help close foundation cracks that may have formed in your San Francisco or Oakland, CA home.

What are helical tiebacks and how do they work? These anchoring devices are installed underground adjacent to your bowing or leaning foundation wall. First, the area around the wall is excavated. Next, holes are drilled through the foundation wall. The anchors are installed horizontally through these holes and anchored into the ground next to the foundation. The anchors pull the wall back into place using the resistance of the soil. As a final step, the entire area is backfilled and the interior and exterior are cleaned up. This process is relatively quick – it can be completed in a day – and will hold the foundation wall in place for years to come. The excavation allows the wall to be straightened immediately.

If you have leaning or bowing foundation walls and a shifting foundation, call us right away to have helical tiebacks from ECP installed in your home.

Benefits of ECP Helical Tiebacks for San Francisco and Oakland, CA

Helical Tieback Foundation Repair from Bay Area UnderpinningECP provides the highest quality foundation repair products to keep your home stabilized and free of issues permanently. That is why we use helical tiebacks from ECP to pull your foundation back into place. Some of the benefits of using ECP helical tiebacks in your home include:

  • Quick, one-day installation
  • Can be installed with limited interior access
  • Limited disturbance to yard
  • Work to straighten wall right away
  • A permanent and reliable solution
  • Can be installed in any weather
  • Easily load tested to ensure capacity
  • Little to no vibration occurs

These are a few of the upsides to using helical tiebacks from ECP for your shifting foundation repairs. Here at Bay Area Underpinning, our team of professional foundation repair contractors can install helical tiebacks in your home to take care of any bowing or leaning walls. Helical tiebacks can also help to close foundation cracks that may have started developing in your wall due to the shifting and settling of the foundation.

Contact the team at Bay Area today for helical tiebacks and other shifting foundation repair solutions for your home in the San Francisco or Oakland, California area.

Read the brochure about ECP helical tiebacks HERE.