Problems with Home Foundations in California


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Posted By: bayarea on 20th January 2016 Category: Foundation Repair

California Home Foundation Problems

clay soils cause settling foundations in san francisco, caAfter over four years of droughts in California, homeowners are experiencing more and more foundation problems, ranging from an increase in pests to sinking homes and cracking walls and floors. As the ground continues to dry out, the surface sinks farther. When the supporting clay dries out, it compresses and allows your home to sink at an unsettling rate. This quick drop in your foundation allows cracks and other damage to occur.

A settling home can allow cracks to form in your foundations and walls, letting water and pests into your home. It is better to address a crack while it is small before it can spread into something big and potentially disastrous. A crack can sometimes just need to be filled but a professional can determine if it is an indicator of something more worrisome.

Just like the people of California, the bugs are looking for some water. As the drought continues, ants, termites, and other pests are being found in increasing numbers in California homes. The pests aren’t finding any moisture in the arid lawns and landscaping surrounding the homes, so they are moving inside. Some insects, such as termites, only need a crack as small as 1/64″ to enter your home. It is in your best interest to seal any openings, keeping the critters outside, where they belong.

A little settling is to be expected, but some homes are sinking faster than ever. As groundwater is used at a record rate, the surrounding ground is dropping just as quickly. This sinking ground is called subsidence and is causing problems all over the state, affecting roads, bridges, and other structures. Michelle Sneed, a hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) states that the only place she can think of that is outpacing the subsidence of California is Mexico City. Some areas have dropped thirty feet in the last 30 years and are predicted to fall even faster if something doesn’t change.

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