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Posted By: bayarea on 30th January 2013 Category: Foundation Repair

No Matter the Foundation, We Can Help

We have been supporting Bay Area foundations for numerous years and are experts in the field. Foundation failure can occur from a number of different causes including;  improper drainage, plumbing leaks, tree roots, and hot and dry conditions causing the soil to pull away from the foundation. The many types of ECP steel pier technology allow us to provide the best solutions to stabilize your foundation.

foundation repair piersFoundation Push/Resistance Piers are the best options if your foundation needs to be restored to its appropriate elevation and stability. This is a more permanent solution for your home’s settling foundation. The design of the pier will drive deep into the soil until it reaches load-bearing soil and then the hydraulic lifting system is used to restore your home to safe levels. All piers are load tested before being installed to assure that they meet all standards and will get you the type of support needed for the repair. This pier was designed to provide the longest lasting and toughest support for foundations. This pier does not require skin friction to provide support.

Foundation Helical Piers are used to stabilize your home if it is sagging or shifting. The helical piers of today are used in almost every foundation repair. They have been used by contractors since the early 1800s for stabilizing homes. These are most often used when seeking stabilization for a more lightly structural load. The helical piers are chosen when repair or stabilization of a lighter structural load is present. These can be installed year-round and require only smaller equipment to install. Installation is closely monitored to assure the optimum capacity. Once the helical pier is installed, the weight of your home is transferred to these piers and the soils below. This will ensure that your home will not see future shifting or sagging and bring it to its original building position.

Foundation Slab Piers are the most economical route to take if you are looking to add support to sagging slab or your slab needs reinforcement from the outside elements or due to new loads. It will give your home the stability it needs to give you the reassurance that your foundation is safe. Slab brackets are used to lift the slab either hydraulically or manually. After all the piers are installed, the slab load is transferred across the piers in a uniform manner and evenly by activating the hydraulics simultaneously. The installation of the slab pier is inside the structure, they install quickly and have minimal setup time making it more time and cost efficient for your leveling project. This is the preferred method of engineers and contractors.

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