Piers Can Be Used for New Construction?


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Posted By: bayarea on 18th June 2013 Category: Foundation Repair

New Construction Piers CaliforniaNew Construction Piers CA, New Construction Piers California

Helical piers are known for being used as a tool to help fix foundation failure such as bowing walls or leaning walls, today they are the hottest new tool in new construction piers California. Recently contractors have been using them when building new homes, inserting them into the foundation before the home is finished being built. The helical piers come highly recommend by engineers all across America. Helical piers are being used to replace applications such as spread footings and shallow poured concrete piers. Not only is this process helpful to the value and safety of your home, but it is also cost effective as well. We use the best products available made by ECP, the leading manufacturer of foundation repair products in the industry.

Your home is built on top of soil and that soil will move and shift because of fluctuating moisture levels. In the past, helical piers have been used to anchor your home into more stable soil, usually if your home had started to settle, and with them being installed early, there is less chance for them to be improperly installed. They still have the same benefits, they can be installed in any weather, making it a sure thing that the helical piers will not affect the construction, the building will still be on time.

Recommended New Construction Piers for California

These helical piers being installed before the building is constructed will help your budget. Having the helical piers in the home beforehand will protect your home from foundation failure, right from the start. These new construction piers California will keep your home safe and you will not have to go through the stress of having to deal with future foundation failure. There will be no panic, you will not have to deal with bowing walls or leaning walls, saving you cash in the future.

When thinking about the future construction of your home, consider using new construction piers California. They are a great investment in the safety of your home. Call us today, we offer these helical piers. We can promise you will be able to rest easy knowing that your home is safe from many forms of foundation failure.