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Posted By: bayarea on 31st October 2013 Category: Foundation Repair

New Construction Piers in Oakland

Are you thinking of building a new home for your family or a new building for your business? Maybe you have been advised to get the site soil tested. The information from the soil test will give the members of the building team an idea of what they will be dealing with in the construction of your home or building. When meeting with the architect, engineer, and construction contractor, you will probably hear about the use of new construction piers in Oakland. Helical piers are highly recommended by engineers across North America. Most homes and businesses are originally built on active soils. With the use of helical piers, the house or commercial building can be anchored to more stable soils deeper into the earth. Bay Area Underpinning is the company to call for the experienced team to install your helical piers to your new construction.

Bay AreNew construction piers Oakland, new construction piers Sand Franciscoa Underpinning uses the best possible products on the market. These products are made by Earth Contact Products (ECP) so they are sturdy, trustworthy and provide good support to your new construction. The helical piers come in a variety of sizes to help with the load of the building. Helical piers are screwed into the deeper soils below the foundation at predetermined intervals and tie into the concrete of your foundation. With the new construction and installation of the helical piers, there is no wait time for the common concrete footings and concrete piers to cure. This will keep your new construction moving on time and in the budget. These helical piers can be installed in most any weather condition. A cap is placed over the helical pier so it provides for a flat surface for the footing or slab to be poured. New construction piers in Oakland will provide a base that will support your new home or commercial building.

 New Construction Piers in San Francisco

Bay Area Underpinning wants to make sure that your new home or new commercial building is right from the start. You don’t want to find out several years later that your foundation is settling because you didn’t install new construction piers in San Francisco. Without the helical piers, your foundation could settle and sink into the soils below. This settling can cause cracks in the foundation. The cracks open up the possibility for water to make its way into your basement or crawl space. Now you have bigger issues that will need your attention and the experience once again of a professional company like Bay Area Underpinning to fix the problem.  With the new construction piers, you won’t have to worry about this problem. The helical piers are meant to be a permanent solution for keeping your new construction stable and sturdy. Bay Area Underpinning wants to help you protect your new home or new commercial building and will consult with you and the members of the team that will be designing and building the new construction.