Methods of Foundation Lifting and Leveling in the Bay Area


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Posted By: bayarea on 17th March 2014 Category: Foundation Repair

Foundation Lifting

Foundation lifting in the Bay Area can be done easily by Bay Area Underpinning using steel piers and helical piers. Foundation lifting in California and the Bay AreaThese piers are easy to install and will give maximum elevation and lifetime performance. Steel push piers are driven deep into the soil to support structures from the interior and exterior of the foundation. These steel push piers penetrate the soil beyond the expansive soils, to support structures from the interior and exterior of the foundation.

Push piers are driven individually and the entire structure works as the reaction. A friction reduction collar is then attached to the lead section of the pier pipe. This collar creates an opening in the soils that have a larger diameter than the pier pipe. This reduces the skin friction on the pier pipe as it is driven into the soil. This allows the installer to load test and verify that the pier has encountered firm bearing stratum that is suitable to support the design load.

During the load transfer, hydraulic jacks are placed at multiple locations, reducing the load on each pier to only the design working load. These jacks are connected to a manifold system to provide a synchronized lift of the structure. The push piers that Bay Area Underpinning uses are made by Earth Contact Product (ECP), the best in the industry. If you find your California home is in need of foundation lifting, call the professionals at Bay Area Underpinning. We will get your foundation lifted to its original level with little disruption to the job site.

Helical piers are used to repair a light structural load or in unstable rock foundation and when very deep load-bearing stratum is present. These helical piers can be installed year-round and only requires small equipment, so there is little disruption to your home and the surrounding area. They are mechanically installed and screwed deep into the soil. The installation is closely monitored to ensure optimum capacity. Once these helical piers are at their capacity location, an underpinning steel foundation bracket is attached. The weight of your home is then transferred onto the piers and then onto the soils below.

Foundation Leveling

Settling soils around your foundation have a big impact on your home’s foundation. The foundation may shift because there are problematic soil conditions, compromised structural integrity in the footing, plumbing leaks, tree root intrusion or inadequate drainage. Before a foundation can be leveled, these issues must be addressed.

The professionals at Bay Area Underpinning have the experience and use the best products available made by Earth Contact Products (ECP), to get your Bay Area foundation back to its original level. The underpinning products we use are resistance piers, push piers, helical piers, and slab piers.

The foundation of your home is the most important part of a home. It provides a firm footing for your home to sit on, so it is important that it remains stable. Signs that your California home has foundation failure are:

Don’t hesitate if you see any signs of foundation failure. The professionals at Bay Area Underpinning will stabilize and level your foundation by installing our underpinning products. We are locally owned and are a licensed specialty foundation contractor in the Bay Area. Our headquarters is in Vallejo, California. We have the experience and use the best products manufactured by ECP for leveling and lifting your foundation. Don’t hesitate, contact us today!