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Posted By: bayarea on 3rd October 2013 Category: Foundation Repair

Commercial Foundation Contractor California

If you are a business owner, your commercial building in California is important to how you make your living. Your building was built differently than a residential house. The footings are placed deeper into the soil and are wider to hold the load of the building with the taller walls. Taking care of your commercial building is important to make sure your employees, clients, and renters/owners of a living space are in a safe building. Bay Area Underpinning is the company to call if you are seeing signs that your foundation may need repairs.

As with most foundations, soil plays the biggest role in any problems that you may be having. The soil underneath your building helps to hold it upright. Some settling is to be expected, but if there was poor soil to begin with your foundation could now be in jeopardy. The amount of water in the soil will expand and contract the soil around the foundation. The movement puts pressure on your commercial foundation walls causing weaknesses to happen. If you are starting to have windows and doors stick, this could a sign of something happening to your foundation. Cracks in the foundation walls and drywall lets you know that pressure has built up and need a way to release it. You may also be seeing bowing wall or leaning walls. Experienced contractors at Bay Area Underpinning are the ones to call to investigate exactly what is happening before the situation gets any worse.

A commercial building in need of foundation repairs is NOT a do-it-it yourself project. You are talking about a big Commercial Foundationn Contractor California, Helical Push Tiebacks, Commercial Foundation Repair Bay Areaproject that needs a professional company like Bay Area Underpinning. We know how to work on commercial buildings that are in need of commercial foundation repair in California. Many of the same products that are used in residential foundation repair are used in commercial foundation repair. We use heavy duty products made by Earth Contact Products (ECP). The use of heavy duty helical piers is one installation that can add support to your commercial foundation. The heavy-duty helical piers are screwed into deeper soils below your foundation to add support. Once they are installed heavy-duty steel brackets are attached to the piers to further add stability and prevent future sagging. Resistance piers can be installed separately and load tested. These help transfer the building safely onto the piers to the original position. With these foundation repairs, your commercial building is now safer for your business.

Don’t let small cracks, bowing walls, leaning walls, or foundation settlement in your commercial foundation get any bigger. You want to find a commercial foundation contractor in California that will protect what you own. Call an experienced inspector from Bay Area Underpinning to come out and look over your concerns and set a plan in motion.