Is My Foundation Done Settling?


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Posted By: bayarea on 9th April 2013 Category: Foundation Repair

New Signs of Foundation Settlement?

foundation settlingFoundation settling is a problem that many homeowners face; one of the most common questions we hear is if my foundation is still moving. Sometimes they will say they had a soils engineer tell them that it had stopped settling years ago, but there are new cracks in the drywall that would prove this theory false.

The best way to see if a foundation is still settling is to compare floor elevation surveys over several years. Most people will not have a previous set of floor elevations to compare. Crack monitors can also be installed on existing cracks and can be monitored over time to see any movement.

Whether the foundation is done settling or is still experiencing settlement it is not going to recover the lost elevation or fix itself on its own. In most cases, Earth Contact Products‘ resistance piers are a great option to recover lost elevation and stabilize the foundation from further settlement.