The Importance of Your San Francisco Crawl Space


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Posted By: bayarea on 31st December 2012 Category: Vapor Barriers, Waterproofing

Don’t Ignore Your Crawl Space

Crawl space encapsulation to prevent mold and mildew in the Bay AreaTo understand the importance of your San Francisco crawl space you must first know the purpose. Traditionally, crawl spaces were added to homes that did not have a basement to provide air circulation through the home and also allow easy access to maintenance, repair, and installation needs. Although crawl spaces are not used as living spaces, it is extremely important to maintain the health of the area.

San Francisco area crawl spaces can be very frustrating and difficult to maintain at times.  If there is any leaking in your crawl space in your home, it can lead to several problems for you and your family.  Having moisture or water there can have the effects of both immediate and long-term issues.  There are several causes for this kind of situation.  Waterproofing is definitely a necessity in obtaining a healthy crawl space, vapor barriers are generally used. If your home does not have rain gutters or if there are downspouts draining the water alongside your foundation, then the water will find your crawl space and create several problems.  If this is the case for you, I would find a service provider experienced in the San Francisco area.

Wet crawl spaces are sources of high humidity, which can produce surface condensation, mildew and fungi, musty odors, and an unhealthy environment.  The built-up moisture can also cause deterioration of floor joists, beams, sub-flooring, insulation, and electrical-mechanical systems.  In the crawl spaces, if the under-flooring insulation collects moisture or sags from excessive wetness, the heating and air conditioning costs are driven higher.  The crawl space is an integral part of your home and should be kept neat, clean, and easily accessible.  Inspecting the crawl space often is a good way to make sure that there are no signs of moisture and mildew.