Helical Piers…Why are they so important?


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Posted By: bayarea on 26th April 2013 Category: Foundation Repair

Cracks on your exterior walls? How about drywall or doors and windows that are difficult to open? If so, your home may be suffering from a failing foundation and helical piers are the answer.

In the event that your foundation requires stabilization, helical piers are the answer. Helical piers are long steel screws for ground anchoring. They are placed in every building structure you see and have been around for over 100 years. Large machinery like skid steers, boom trucks, and excavators make it possible to put the piers almost anywhere necessary, even in tight areas. The large machinery takes the piers and basically winds them into the ground just like a screw into a piece of wood. Heavy duty machinery is able to install helical piers into almost any soil type including frozen soil.

Helical piers have many benefits; they are quickly installed, low installation cost, installation requires little or no vibration, can be installed in areas with limited access, little or no disturbance to the site, can be loaded immediately after installation, and soil removal from the site is unnecessary.  Before helical piers are installed, Bay Area professionals take placement into consideration. Size and quantity are also established. This is all based off of the combined structure design load requirement, the geotechnical parameters, environmental corrosion parameters, and the minimum design life of the structure being supported.

Helical piers can provide your home with stability for years. Rest easy knowing that you have increased the safety of your home by adding dependable helical piers to your foundation.