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Posted By: bayarea on 13th January 2012 Category: Foundation Repair

Orinda Homeowner Helped by Bay Area Underpinning

The homeowner of this Orinda, California home had a previous estimate for $35,000.00 to lift and stabilize the vertical settlement of their home using drilled concrete piers. Bay Area Underpinning installed 11 Earth Contact Products resistance piers to lift and stabilize the south-east wing of this Orinda home for nearly half the cost of the concrete pier option. The piers were load tested at 32,670 lbs each. When the lift occurred, the piers needed to only carry approximately 10,300 lbs to successfully lift and carry the weight of the structure, resulting in excess of a 3 to 1 safety factor on the piers. This home was lifted about 3-inches in the worst area, which is very common for foundation settlement in Orinda, CA.

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