Foundation Settlement Orinda, CA


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Posted By: bayarea on 24th January 2012 Category: Foundation Repair

Steel Resistance Piers in Orinda

We are starting another job in Orinda, a hot spot for foundation settlement. This house has a moderate problem to where the front right corner of the living room slopes 2 inches in about 12 feet. We are installing 6 Earth Contact Products Model 300 resistance piers spaced at 6 feet apart along the front and right side of the house to correct the problem.

The steel resistance piers were driven to an average of depth of 15 feet at 20,790 pounds of pressure each.  The house was then lifted 2-inches at 6,180 pounds per pier, giving the piers a 3.4 to 1 safety factor on the piers.  Once the house was lifted, the county building inspector came out to approve the work.  The entire job of lifting the house and re-leveling the floors took about 4 days to complete.

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