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Posted By: bayarea on 18th June 2013 Category: Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair Oakland Solutions

When walking through your home you might see some signs of foundation failure that you might not even realize are indications of a problem. Foundation failure causes many different things to pop around your home, and they might look like harmless little things, but if ignored can lead to big problems. Some signs include:Foundation Repair Oakland

These are pretty sure signs of foundation failure, but don’t worry, if you notice these, call us. We have plenty of different solutions to help with many different specific foundation problems. We have services and products such as helical piers–to help straighten out a bowing wall or leaning chimney–or slab piers–to lift up a slab floor that is sinking–there are numerous ways to fix foundation failure.

An important thing to remember is that it is not smart to try to fix foundation problems by yourself. Your home’s foundation is the skeleton or the backbone of your home. It is what holds your home together, and if accidentally make a mistake in fixing a small problem, like a crack, you may be seriously hurting your home. Now, that doesn’t mean for every single little crack you have to worry and panic, if you have questions about your home, give us a call. We’ll help you figure out what needs to be done to keep you and your family safe, and your home’s value up.

We offer solutions for every foundation problem. We also offer waterproofing solutions as well as regular foundation repair. Some signs listed, like water leakage, may point to a need for waterproofing. A lot of foundation repair comes from moisture levels in the soil around your home changing. Soil moves and leaves voids or puts pressure on the walls of your home’s foundation causing cracks, bowing walls, and water leakage. In order to keep your foundation safe, you may need to think about waterproofing. Some products such as sump pumps, interior and exterior drainage, and vapor barriers help to keep your basement dry and safe from foundation failure.

For a full list of solutions look on our home page, we can assure that you will feel confident in our service and products. You will rest easy knowing your home is safe from present and future foundation failure. Give us a call!