Foundation Repair Lafayette, California


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Posted By: bayarea on 3rd June 2013 Category: Foundation Repair

Over the years we have successfully underpinned, leveled and stabilized 100’s of houses in the San Francisco Bay Area. A majority of these homes are located in the Lafayette and Orinda area.

With many of the houses in this area being built in the 50’s and 60’s there was only minimal prep work done during the grading of these sights at the time of construction. Lafayette is mostly moderated hills and when the lots were graded the soil was cut from one side and used as fill for the other side and not usually compacted very well. In addition they were common spread footing foundation with no piers to support the foundation through the fill.

With the pour compaction, lack of piers and drainage problems from the hillside water the foundations started to settle right away and many of the houses that have not had work done still have problems today.

Resistance piers are a great option for these homes because they can be driven beneath the fill to load bearing strata and actually load tested on the foundation to provide asurrance that they will be able to support the load that they are carrying.