Foundation Failure – What to Watch For


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Posted By: bayarea on 4th September 2013 Category: Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair for California

The foundation is an integral part of any structure.  It distributes the weight of your home evenly to the soil below.  As a homeowner, it is very important that you understand the causes and signs of foundation failure.  Foundation repair is never a “Do It Yourself” project, the well-being of your entire home could possibly be at stake.  It is also possible that you could make the problem worse and cost you more in the long run.  If you are in need of foundation repair in central California, call Bay Area Underpinning today! We are your leading foundation repair providers.

Foundation failure could be the cause of a multitude of factors.  Including, expansive soil, water, or poor construction.  Throughout the year your home will experience a variety of temperatures.  Soil expands and contracts around your foundation in relation to the temperature.   Long periods of drought or rainfall are harmful to your foundation as well.  Expansive and saturated soil can put lateral pressure on foundation walls and over time they may begin to bow or crack.  While dry contracted soils could pull away from your home and leave voids.  This could lead to settlement issues.  The final cause of foundation failure is poor construction.  If your home was built by amateur contractors, then chances are that you will see problems within one or two years.


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If you know what to watch out for, you will be able to catch foundation problems before they become too serious.  When a foundation settles or begins to fail there will be noticeable warning signs. Including, sticking doors and windows, wall cracks, sloped floors, and bowing basement walls.  If you contact us immediately after these issues become noticeable, you will have nothing to worry about.  At Bay Area Underpinning, we will use our proven underpinning products and techniques to stabilize your home and prevent further settlement and damage. Our professional contractors will use helical and steel piers and wall anchors. Piers raise the home to its designated elevation while anchors help to straighten bowing walls.  Find out what Bay Area Underpinning can do for you! We are your leading Foundation Contractor in California.