Foundation Crack Repair


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Posted By: bayarea on 13th June 2013 Category: Foundation Repair

Foundation Crack Repair

concrete crack in sinking foundationOne of the most common things to notice about your home when you have a foundation problem is when you find cracks in the walls of your home. These signs of a foundation issue can be a simple indication that you need to have someone take care of your foundation issue, but there are several types of foundation cracks and they have different variations of the damage they can cause. There are vertical, diagonal, horizontal, or stairstep cracks that you can find in your home. Some of these can be fixed yourself, but others need professional care in order for the situation to be taken care of properly.

Vertical Cracks

When you find vertical cracks in your home it is normally a small concrete repair job. These are most often caused by the shrinkage of concrete as it cures, but it can also occur from the damage as the foundation settles underneath your home. Concrete crack injection has been the accepted method to take care of this type of crack for many years. The technique is cost-effective, reliable, and permanent. If you use a low-pressure concrete crack injection, it permanently fills the entire length and depth of the crack. This will prevent water from further deteriorating concrete.

Diagonal Cracks

These fractures are more damaging to your home’s foundation. If these fractures are large or are growing over time, simple injection techniques are not appropriate or lasting fix. You need to reinforce and stabilize the structure in order to prevent it from expanding and getting larger. First, you would do a standard injection technique to fill all voids in the wall with a specially formulated epoxy mixture after surface preparation. Then staples are installed across the fracture to relieve and dissipate both lateral and vertical movement. This will not only fix the fracture, but it will restore the structural integrity of the wall.

Horizontal & Stairstep Cracks

If you find these types of cracks in your home, then the walls of your home is susceptible to lateral pressure. This occurs when the ground around your home expands when wet and then shrinks back down when it is dry. The constant back and forth pressure causes cracking and bowing in the wall. This is a likely sign that the foundation is failing under the weight of the surrounding soil. These cracks are caused by pressure against the side wall which can snap the walls. This type of crack should definitely be fixed by a professional so that there is no further damage to your home’s foundation walls.