Fix Structural Problems Caused by Foundation Sinking and Settlement


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Posted By: bayarea on 7th October 2013 Category: Foundation Repair

Settling Foundations in California

Many homeowners become very scared when they hear the words “settling foundation.” Indeed, a sinking or settling foundation is a serious issue that should be fixed by a professional foundation repair contractor as soon as possible. A settling foundation might also cause issues in other parts of your home. There are many dangers to the structural integrity of your home when your foundation begins to settle, and these can be harmful to you and your family. But there are solutions – Bay Area Underpinning offers the necessary services an products to restore your foundation back to its original condition.

Settling foundations are normally the outcome of movement in the soil beneath the foundation. Erosion and soil shrinkage due to drought conditions may both cause voids to develop beneath the foundation. These voids cannot support the weight of the structure, and the foundation sinks or shifts as a result. Poor compaction at the time of construction might also cause voids to form and your foundation to settle.

Problems Caused by Settling Foundation California

Settling Foundation CaliforniaThere are many symptoms that arise from a sinking or settling foundation in California. The most obvious are uneven or sloped floors, and cracks in the foundation itself. Contrary to what most people believe, windows and doors that stick and do not open or close properly are usually not caused by humidity but are also a sign that your foundation is probably settling. Leaning walls, bowing walls (especially in the living area of the home), and water damage in the basement may all be more symptoms of a sinking foundation.

The most common way to fix a settling foundation is to use one of the foundation lifting methods that are provided by Bay Area Underpinning. These include steel push piers and helical piers. Push piers work by driving into stable soil beneath the voids under the foundation and supporting the weight of your home. Helical piers work in much the same way, but they screw into the ground to provide extra stability. Slab piers and resistance piers are some more of the popular foundation stabilization services that we offer. Resistance piers and most slab piers do not rely on friction to produce support but use the entire slab as a reaction force. Our resistance piers support the foundation and then use a hydraulic lifting system to raise your foundation to its original elevation. To guarantee your satisfaction, we use only the best quality products from reliable sources such as ECP (Earth Contact Products).

Bay Area Underpinning provides the best in settling foundation solutions. Contact us today to see how we can help you keep your home safe and sound.