Drought-Related California Foundation Problems


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Posted By: bayarea on 7th June 2016 Category: Foundation Repair

Homeowners in California are well aware of the many issues that the ongoing drought in the state is causing. However, what these people may not know is that the drought can cause problems for your home’s foundation as well.

Sparse rainfall can lead to soil shrinkage. When the soil around and under your home’s foundation becomes too dry, it will start to shrink and shift away from the foundation. This movement can lead to voids and gaps forming under the concrete slab. These voids leave the foundation unsupported and can cause it to sink or settle.

drought-related foundation issues CAIf you have a sinking or settling foundation, you will most likely see symptoms of foundation failure in your home. Some common symptoms include:

  • Cracks in concrete or bricks
  • Bowing or leaning walls
  • Sloped or uneven floors
  • Drywall or ceiling cracks
  • Water entry in the home

These are all good indicators that there is a foundation issue in your home. If the drought in California is causing foundation sinking, the Bay Area Underpinning team can fix it by installing one of our reliable repair products from ECP (Earth Contact Products).

We Fix California Foundation Problems Caused by Drought

We offer underpinning products from the leading supplier at ECP to repair foundation issues caused by drought. These products are high-quality and able to withstand the fluctuating soil conditions common in California.

foundation-settlement-san-franciscoResistance Piers: For resistance piers, we use ECP Model 300 systems, which allow for deep stabilization to restore the foundation to its original level. This makes this kind of pier a versatile solution for sinking California homes and businesses.

Helical Piers: This type of pier offers extra stability, as it screws into the ground Helical piers offer resistance to both tensile and compressive force and are often used in areas where the load bearing stratum is particularly deep or where there is a lot of unstable rock.

Steel Push Piers: Push piers are the general standard for underpinning repair jobs and work well to both lift and support sinking foundations. One benefit of these piers is that they are end-bearing, which means they do not rely on friction for support.

Helical Slab Piers: This kind of pier is installed using a bracket and is ideal for slab foundations. Slab piers are installed directly through either poured grade or floating slabs and are normally installed in a grid pattern for even support.

Bay Area Underpinning will help you determine the right kind of pier for your sinking slab and get a free estimate for your repair needs. Contact us now if you see signs of foundation problems resulting from the dry conditions in California.