Could the Drought Have an Effect on My California Foundation?


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Posted By: bayarea on 9th November 2015 Category: Foundation Repair

How Does Drought Affect California Foundations?

Droughts can be a concern for homeowners in several different ways. Without proper amounts of rain, the plants around your foundation and even some of the trees may start to die, and the grass in your yard can turn brown. However, there is another area of your home that can be greatly impacted by droughts. This area is your foundation. If you see signs of foundation failure due to drought, contact the foundation repair team at Bay Area Underpinning as soon as possible.

Drought Foundation Problems in CAThe first problem that droughts can cause in your home is foundation settlement. This problem occurs when the drought causes the soil under your foundation to shrink. As the soil shrinks, it will start to fall away and compact. This can create empty spaces or voids beneath the concrete. Since the ground under the concrete foundation is now filled with voids, it does not offer enough support for the above foundation and home. As a result, the foundation could start to settle into the voids and sink. This can also lead to foundation cracks. Signs of settlement due to drought include uneven floors, floor cracks, sticking doors or windows, or foundation wall cracks.

Another issue that can be brought on by drought is flooding. This issue usually follows foundation settlement and crack formation due to drought-like conditions. As cracks form in the foundation, they offer the perfect entry point for water. If rains follow periods of drought, these cracks will allow the water to seep into your home. Water from rains following droughts can also build up in the holes left by the shrinking soil and enter your home through cracks or put pressure on the foundation and cause it to shift.

Foundation Repair for Drought-Related Foundation Problems in California

To fix these foundation problems in your California home, you can invest in one of the repair methods from Bay Area Underpinning. Some of the foundation repair methods that we offer for your home include:

  • California Foundation Problems in DroughtsSteel Push Piers: These are underpinning devices that work like underground stilts for your home. The piers are driven into the ground and used to support the foundation. We use high-quality steel piers from ECP (Earth Contact Products).
  • Helical Piers: These devices are a lot like steel piers, but they are screwed into the ground instead of driven in. This allows them to better stabilize foundations.
  • Carbon Fiber Repair: While piers can lift and level a foundation, carbon fiber repair strips can help support bowing or leaning foundation walls and close concrete cracks. These strips are applied to the interior foundation walls or floors to bind concrete faces back together.

If you think that any of these solutions could benefit your California home, contact us today. Our expert foundation repair team can fix all of the drought foundation problems in your Bay Area home.