Drilled Concrete Piers in Portola Valley


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Posted By: bayarea on 15th November 2012 Category: Foundation Repair

Portola Valley Piers

clay soils cause settling foundations in Portola ValleyIt is our specialty to offer many different techniques in foundation repair. We worked on a job in Portola Valley that needed 32 resistance piers to stabilize and relevel the existing foundation with the addition of 15 drilled concrete piers to stabilize the downhill slope of the foundation that was poured in fill. The drilled piers were 18″ diameter and averaged 15-feet deep.

With the combination of resistance piers and drilled concrete piers, we were able to provide a complete foundation repair for the homeowner. Keeping their home stable and level was important for the safety of the Portola Valley family and their home.

Contact the pier experts in the Portola Valley area, Bay Area Underpinning, today for your foundation repair needs. We are always pleased to do our part to make your home a comfortable and safe place to be.