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Posted By: bayarea on 26th April 2013 Category: Foundation Repair

Maintaining a Clean and Dry California Crawl Space

Your crawl space is probably one of the last places in your home that you think about. Even thought crawl spaces are generally small areas of the home, they can lead to huge problems if they are not properly ventilated and waterproofed.

crawl space repairCrawl space repair in California is needed due to a variety of problems. Foundation problems, stemming from poor ground preparation, poor foundation installation, and unstable soil can all lead to crawl space issues. Having any of these problems can create water to form in your crawl space and make for an unhealthy environment. Sitting water can cause harmful airborne mold spores, mold to start growing, wood to start rotting, and make an unpleasant smell.

Signs of Crawl Space Damage

Signs to tell if the crawl space area is becoming damaged are pests in the area, dirty or damp fiberglass insulation, filthy crawl space ventilation fans, open crawl space vents, rusty metal surfaces in the crawl space, and water condensing on pipes and other surfaces in the crawl space. If there is an issue it is best to get it looked at right away to stop the problem in its tracks and not lead to bigger and more treacherous problems.

Vapor barriers are one solution to clear the damp, musty crawl space. Having a vapor barrier will aid control in high humidity and poor air quality running through your house. The barriers are made of a thick, very strong material which is puncture-resistant. The strong material will ensure that nothing will rip through it, keeping the moisture from the soil from entering. To ensure a permanent vapor barrier, install the vapor barrier up on to the foundation walls. This will block out most water and vapors from getting into your home and leave you with a much healthier living space for you and your family.

If you notice any changes in your home’s crawl space, you definitely need help. Do not try to “air” out the area with fans or open windows, as this will just cause more moisture to enter the area.

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