The Most Common Causes of California Cracks


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Posted By: bayarea on 23rd November 2015 Category: Foundation Repair

What Causes California Foundation Cracks?

Causes of California CracksThere are a lot of different things that can lead to foundation cracks in your California home. Whether these cracks are in your foundation, your walls, or your floor, they can present problems for you. Some recent causes of California cracks in your home may include:

  • Recent Drought: The recent drought in California this summer has led to less than favorable conditions for many homes. As the soil under homes shrinks due to a lack of water, voids and holes form underground. These voids lack the support the structure needs and cause it to sink and settle, leading to crack formation.
  • Earthquakes: Even small earthquakes can shift the soil enough to lead to foundation movement. If the soil shifts, the foundation on top of it shifts as well, and foundation cracks can form as a result.
  • California Foundation Crack CausesSinkholes: Sinkholes are also a danger in areas with sandy soil. If there is a sinkhole underneath your home, the foundation will dramatically settle and crack. Even sinkholes nearby can cause the ground and foundation to shift and crack.
  • Poor Construction: If the foundation was constructed poorly, it may start to settle and develop cracks. The ground under the concrete must be compacted well – if it is not, the concrete will compress the ground and it will settle unevenly, forming cracks.
  • Expansive Soil: Another issue is expansive soil. Parts of California contain high levels of clay soil that expands when it is wet and shrinks when it is dry. This can push on foundations and cause them to shift or crack.

These are just some of the top reasons foundation cracks may form in your home. If you notice California cracks in your Bay Area home, we can install foundation underpinning techniques to close cracks and support the foundation to prevent future cracks.

Solutions for California Cracks from Bay Area Underpinning

The first thing you should do when you see a foundation crack is call one of the expert foundation repair contractors at Bay Area Underpinning. We offer solutions to fix California cracks in your home. The first solution is to install underpinning piers. Depending on the type of foundation you have, we can use helical piers, steel push piers, or slab piers. Steel piers and slab piers are used to offer additional support to traditional foundation footings. These devices are driven into the ground under the foundation until they reach soil stable enough to support the weight. Helical piers can also be used, but are screwed into the ground instead of driven in.

We also offer carbon fiber repairs for cracks resulting from bowing or leaning foundation walls. If your foundation has shifted, chances are the foundation walls are bowing or leaning inward and developing cracks. If this is the case, we can reinforce and straighten the wall using carbon fiber repair strips. These strips offer the strength the wall needs to withstand pressure from the soil outside.

Contact us right away to find out which solution is best for the California cracks in your Bay Area home.