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Posted By: bayarea on 19th July 2018 Category: Foundation Repair

What to Look for in Local Underpinning Companies

When you are looking for a foundation contractor to handle foundation repair in your Bay Area home, you will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of underpinning companies. Foundation repair is a big job, and deciding who should handle yours is no small task.

The first step is to educate yourself: Before you even contact anyone, educate yourself on the different ways that foundations can be repaired and make sure any questions you have are answered. A good company will not be afraid of answering your questions. Make sure to get information about warranties and guarantees and their policy regarding the removal of landscaping, if that applies to your situation. Find out what kind of products they use. For example, Bay Area Underpinning uses materials from Earth Contact Products, a recognized leader in the industry.

Steps to Hiring Foundation Repair Contractor-minWhile most underpinning companies use similar products, there are some certain characteristics that you should look for when choosing a contractor to handle your foundation problems. When choosing the right foundation contractor for your home, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Look for Referrals/Reviews: Once you know what you are looking for from a contractor, how do you know if they are what they say they are? It’s tempting to hire the “big name” or a friend of a friend, but you really do need to do some research on the contractors you are looking at. Word of mouth is very powerful and people are happy to tell you the good, bad and ugly about any dealings they have with companies. Ask your friends and family or other people who have had recent work done if there is anyone they recommend or anyone they would not advise. Also, be sure to look online. Yelp, the BBB, and HomeAdvisor are great places to find honest reviews of local companies. The more positive feedback you can find about a company, the more likely you will be satisfied with their work.
  • Ensure They are Licensed: It is important that the company you hire is properly fully licensed. Be sure to verify that whatever company you hire is licensed by the state of California, and is willing to obtain any permits required for the work they will be completing. Also, make sure that the company has workers comp and general liability insurance and can prove it.
  • Check the Company History: Customer testimonials can tell you a lot, but the length of time the company has been operating is another way to determine whether or not they are successful and perform quality work. The longer a company has been open, the better the chances that they are a legitimate and professional company. It is also important to look at how much experience the company and the team members that will be working on your home have in the foundation repair and underpinning industries.
  • Look at Payment/Financing Options: Be sure that the company fully explains its terms of payment to you. Any company that leaves out details about the payment process may not be honest or reliable.

These are just a few of the things to look for when trying to decide which underpinning company to hire. Overall, look for the following qualities in a foundation repair company: reliable foundation repair methods, company training processes, high-quality repair products, good customer feedback, long company history, and foundation inspections. If you are not certain about the first quote that you receive, do not hesitate to seek out another for comparison. Bay Area Underpinning provides free estimates for foundation repair jobs throughout the bay area – call us now to learn more about our company and the foundation repair options that we offer.

Red Flags to Look for in Foundation Contractors

Just as there are things you want to see in a foundation contractor, there are also things that you definitely do not want to see. If you see any of these red flags, strongly consider choosing another company:

  • Lack of Testimonials – if a company does not have any positive reviews, it is either because it is very new or performs very low-quality work. If they complain about past customers or refuse to give references, look into the company more closely before hiring.
  • Failure to Apply for Permits – if the foundation repair performed to your home requires permits and the company fails to apply for them, it is a sign that that company is not reputable. If they refuse to give you a written contract or agreement or do not have an ID or proper licensing, those are also bad signs.
  • Pressure or Scare Tactics – choosing a foundation contractor is a big decision, and while it is important to get repair underway as soon as possible, no company should use scare tactics to pressure you into choosing them.
  • Questionable Methods – Any company that does not use a screening process or provides training for its workers should be looked into carefully. Also, if the company requires you to pay in cash or demands that you pay in full before any work is completed, it is probably a red flag. Make sure that you get a written contract or agreement, and if they refuse to provide one, you may want to go with another company.
  • Vague Answers – Foundation repair companies should thoroughly answer your companies and make you feel confident in them. If they only provide vague answers and the way they talk or act makes you uncomfortable, trust your gut and go with another choice.

If you have a bad feeling about a particular foundation repair company due to any of the above reasons, you should examine your other options. If you end up with shoddy foundation repair work, your foundation and home may develop further issues. This only leads to more bills for you and could result in serious structural damage to your home. Avoid this problem by choosing the right foundation repair contractor to begin with.

Why Choose Bay Area Underpinning for Foundation Repair?

In the bay area of California, Bay Area Underpinning is one of the leading foundation repair companies. Our team specializes in a variety of different underpinning and foundation repair techniques to take care of settlement, cracking, and other issues with your slab foundation. Our family-owned-and-operated business is dedicated to giving you both quality work and quality repairs. See what some of our customers have to say about us below!

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Still wondering why you should choose Bay Area Underpinning? We offer many benefits, including the following:

  • Licensed Professionals in California
  • BBB Accredited with A+ Rating
  • Local, Family-Owned Company
  • Residential & Commercial Solutions
  • High-Quality Products from ECP
  • Multiple ECP Award Winners
  • Professionally Trained Team
  • Financing Options Available

Visit our Facebook page to find more reviews, or contact us today to get a free quote on foundation repair. Our team will work hard to make sure that all of your foundation problems are repaired properly in a timely manner.