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Bay Area Foundation Repair – Local Conditions

Foundation Repair in the Bay Area Most of the foundation problems in the Bay Area are a result of the expansive clay soils. These soils, that are found in the Bay Area will expand when wet and shrink when dry. This constant expanding and shrinking will cause the foundation of your Bay Area home to […]

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Crawlspace Encapsulation – Prevent Crawlspace Mold & Mildew

Crawlspace Mold and Mildew in San Francisco When water enters your crawlspace, it becomes a breeding area for mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew thrives in damp, dark places. Sometimes it is not obvious that you have a damp or wet crawlspace. Even if you don’t see standing water, you could still have a […]

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Bay Area Underpinning: Commercial Foundation Contractor in the Bay Area

Bay Area Commercial Foundation Solutions The foundations of commercial buildings in the Bay Area are susceptible to foundation problems. This is due to the soil movement beneath the foundation. When the soil become overly saturated it will heave and when it becomes too dry, it shrinks. This constant movement of the soil can cause the […]

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Highlighting a Common Problem in San Francisco: Foundation Settlement

Do you know what type of soil your foundation sits on? Because there are various soil types in California, homeowners should be aware of the soil type underneath their foundations. Some soils, like clay soils,  are significantly more hazardous to foundations because of how they behave in wet and dry conditions. As they get wet, […]

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Napa Area Earthquake – Why Bay Area Piering Can Help

Napa Area Earthquake and Foundation Problems Recently in the Napa area, there have been earthquakes that have shaken the area and our homes. On Aug 24 a 6.0 earthquake rocked the region along with a 3.2earthquake on Aug. 31. Even if you did not receive any outright damage, there may be hidden damage that you are […]

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