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Popular Underpinning Repair Products: Steel Piers & Helical Piers

Foundation Repair using Steel Piers and Helical Piers The foundations in California are vulnerable to settlement and failure. This is due to the soil beneath the foundation. During this time of drought, the soul has become so dry that it shrinks, causing the foundation to also shrink and settle. There are many signs in and […]

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Foundation Lifting with Piering Products in California

Foundation Repair in California using Piering Products Living in California at this time with the drought, the soil beneath your foundation has more than likely contracted. Which means that your foundation has also settled and moved. But when it starts to rain again, the soil will become soaked and it will swell back up. All […]

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The Most Common Causes of California Cracks

What Causes California Foundation Cracks? There are a lot of different things that can lead to foundation cracks in your California home. Whether these cracks are in your foundation, your walls, or your floor, they can present problems for you. Some recent causes of California cracks in your home may include: Recent Drought: The recent […]

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Finding the Right Foundation Underpinning Company in the Bay Area

Hiring a Foundation Underpinning Contractor in California Your home depends on your foundation to remain strong and stable throughout the years. That is why it is vital to take care of any foundation problems as soon as they arise. Making sure that your foundation is properly maintained will prevent structural issues in your home. However, […]

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Could the Drought Have an Effect on my California Foundation?

How Does Drought Affect California Foundations? Droughts can be a concern for homeowners in several different ways. Without proper amounts of rain, the plants around your foundation and even some of the trees may start to die, and the grass in your yard can turn brown. However, there is another area of your home that […]

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