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What Does Your Uneven Floor Mean?

Are you putting in new flooring? Re-doing the flooring in your home requires a level subfloor. Putting in new flooring on top of an uneven subfloor can further the sloping problem and cause furniture to rest unevenly on the floor. If you suspect that your floors are sloped or uneven, the issue needs to be […]

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Drought-Related California Foundation Problems

Homeowners in California are well aware of the many issues that the ongoing drought in the state is causing. However, what these people may not know is that the drought can cause problems for your home’s foundation as well. Sparse rainfall can lead to soil shrinkage. When the soil around and under your home’s foundation […]

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Ways to Stabilize your California Foundation

How to Stabilize California Foundations There are a lot of different methods that foundation stabilization companies use to stabilize California foundations. Many of these methods involve the installation of underpinning devices to lift the foundation and give it the support that it lacks. There are a lot of different underpinning devices to fit specific situations, […]

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Problems with Home Foundations in California

California Home Foundation Problems After over four years of droughts in California, homeowners are experiencing more and more foundation problems, ranging from an increase in pests to sinking homes and cracking walls and floors. As the ground continues to dry out, the surface sinks farther. When the supporting clay dries out, it compresses and allows […]

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How to Find a Reliable Foundation Repair Contractor in California

Finding a Reliable Contractor in CA It’s no secret that your home is your biggest investment and the safety of your family is your biggest priority. Take a deep breath and relax: when you find a reliable contractor, you’ll be relieved at the peace of mind you have. When you see the warning signs of […]

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