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Floor cracks are a very common sign of foundation problems in California

Floor Cracks – What to Do When You Find Them

Cracks are a common sign of settling problems in the Bay Area, which can damage the foundation of your home. If left untreated, cracks on your floor may grow and widen allowing insects and pests to enter your home. It also creates additional problems throughout your home including water seepage. Don’t ignore floor cracks in […]

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Foundation Cracks – Causes and Solutions

Foundation cracks may be ugly and insightful, but not all cracks create structural problems. Cracks that are larger than 1/16 inch usually indicate trouble, especially if it allows water seepage. Several factors can cause foundation cracks to spread and widen over time, creating an entrance for unwanted pests and insects. The most common causes of […]

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Ceiling Cracks – Types and Solutions

Cracks in your ceiling can be annoying. It is important to understand that some ceiling cracks are a sign of foundation failure. Knowing how to distinguish if it is an age-related crack or a more serious problem such as foundation failure. There are several different types of cracks to be aware of and what they […]

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