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What is Foundation Underpinning?

The Home Underpinning Process Explained Here at Bay Area Underpinning, one of the most common foundation repair methods that we use is known as foundation underpinning. This process can effectively lift and stabilize foundations of all kinds to reverse foundation settlement and close foundation cracks. It is the ideal choice for foundations that have started […]

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Landslides and Rockslides – The Warning Signs

Know the Warning Signs of a Landslide in California Bay Area Underpinning is here to help fix all sorts of foundation issues in your home. Whether you see cracks, sloping floors, sinking or shifting foundations, or bowing foundation walls, we can help. Often, these structural and foundation problems are caused by changing moisture conditions in […]

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Recent Multitude of Small Earthquakes in California

Increasing Numbers of Earthquakes in California In the span of just a few days earlier this month, over 250 small earthquakes occurred near the California-Mexico border. The worst of these earthquakes measured 3.9 on the Richter scale. This heavy earthquake activity is due to the complex fault set in the area, called the Brawley fault […]

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“Atmospheric Rivers” & Flooding in California

Atmospheric Rivers in California Drench the State Earlier this month, a phenomenon known as “atmospheric rivers” dumped enormous quantities of water from the Pacific Ocean on the state of California. The heavy rain and snow have caused rivers to swell, flooded vineyards and farms, and heightened the risk of mudslides on hills. Large amounts of water like […]

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Can a Mild Earthquake Affect Your Foundation?

Earthquakes and Foundation Problems in California Many people that do not reside in California may view living in this state as a sort of dream come true – the close proximity to the beach and mountains, the rich culture, and the relatively mild temperatures year-round are a big appeal for out-of-state dwellers. What these people may […]

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