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foundation crack repair in san francisco, sacramento california

Floor Cracks

STOP!  Is That a Crack in the Kitchen Floor? Oh no, where did that come from?  What do we do to get it fixed? These are all common questions that a homeowner has when they see a crack in their floor.  Having the answers quickly gives you the peace of mind to know that the […]

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house leveling

Client Review

“Bay Area Underpinning did a super job for us” “Steve and Rick run a first-rate business, and the people who work for them are a friendly [and] efficient team. Foundation work is a major upset, but they make it as smooth, speedy, and painless as possible because they are experienced, careful, and well-organized. We took […]

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Fireplace Movement

House Re-Leveling in Oakland

A Difficult Leveling Project With two additions built on to an already settled home, this project possessed some challenges in Oakland, CA. This home had an addition built on to an existing settled structure. This situation makes it very difficult to level because once the addition is leveled, then you still have the original structure […]

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