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Interior Floor Leveling

Today we are off to Walnut Creek to level an interior floor that has experienced some settlement.  As you walk into the bathroom you can see that the floor is no longer touching the baseboard and there is a bowl effect or sloping floor issue in the immediate area.  After the structural engineer, Cliff Tanaka, […]

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Foundation Settlement Orinda, CA

We are starting another job in Orinda, a hot spot for foundation settlement. This house has a moderate problem to where the front right corner of the living room slopes 2 inches in about 12 feet. We are installing 6 Earth Contact Products model 300 resistance piers spaced at 6 feet apart along the front […]

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resistance piers for bay area

Foundation Underpinning Orinda, CA

The homeowner of this Orinda, California home had a previous estimate for $35,000.00 to lift and stabilize the vertical settlement of their home using drilled concrete piers. Bay Area Underpinning installed 11 Earth Contact Products resistance piers to lift and stabilize the south-east wing of this Orinda home for nearly half the cost of the […]

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