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Foundation Leveling San Rafael, California

This specific job in San Rafael, California was bid by 3 different foundation contractors to underpin and re-level the structure. With 85% of the house being within a 1/4-inch of level and about 15% of the home experiencing some heaving due to poor drainage. Two other contractors bidding on the job suggested to underpin and […]

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Reliable foundation repair in California

Walnut Creek Brick Home

Settled Brick Home We are currently working on a brick addition on a home in Walnut Creek. The foundation settlement seemed to be caused by the weight of the structure on a spread footing built on poorly compacted fill. The area has settled over three inches in a span of about sixteen feet. Because of […]

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foundation crack repair in san francisco, sacramento california

Floor Cracks

STOP!  Is That a Crack in the Kitchen Floor? Oh no, where did that come from?  What do we do to get it fixed? These are all common questions that a homeowner has when they see a crack in their floor.  Having the answers quickly gives you the peace of mind to know that the […]

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