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What is Slab Spalling/Scaling?

Concrete is a durable material. That doesn’t mean that it can’t break down over time or need repair. Concrete slab foundations experience many problems, from cracks to settlement. But there are indicators other than cracks that can tell you that a problem may be around the corner: Spalling and scaling of concrete. So what exactly are concrete […]

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Slab Upheaval in California

What Causes Slab Upheaval?

Slab upheaval, also called foundation upheaval when referring to your home’s foundation, is a very common problem in the Bay Area of California. Understanding the causes and potential solutions is important as a homeowner. Slab upheaval can cause structural damage and if you have noticed changes in your home you should contact Bay Area Underpinning […]

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Repair Concrete Slab Foundation Problems in California

  Many of the homes and structures in California are built on concrete slabs. For California residents, there are a lot of advantages to having a slab foundation – they minimize the risk of damage from flooding and gas leaks, they protect homes from termites, and insects, they are less expensive than basements or crawl spaces, […]

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