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How to Lift a Foundation

Has your home or business started to sink or settle? Signs of settlement might be obvious – significant foundation sinking, cracks in the foundation, sloping floors, structural damage. However, they might also be less obvious – wall or ceiling cracks, sticking doors or windows, crawlspace leaks. No matter how bad the symptoms are, a sinking […]

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Can I Fix the Sloping Floors in My Old Home?

I Have Sloping Floors in My Home – Help! Do you have an older home? Have you noticed that when you drop round objects like pens on your floor, they collect in a certain corner or in the middle of the floor? Or have you noticed that tables and chairs never seem to sit quite […]

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Underpinning Methods

What Kind of Underpinning Methods are Available Underpinning is the method that we use to fix sinking foundations and other foundations issues most commonly here at Bay Area Underpinning. This foundation repair solution involves supporting sinking or settling concrete slabs from underneath in order to lift and stabilize the structure above. Our own team uses […]

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Choosing Between Bay Area Underpinning Companies

What to Look for in Local Underpinning Companies When you are looking for a foundation contractor to handle foundation repair in your Bay Area home, you will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of underpinning companies. Foundation repair is a big job, and deciding who should handle yours is no small task. While […]

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How to Fix a Foundation Crack

Foundation cracks can be an alarming occurrence for any homeowner. If you see a crack in the foundation of your Bay Area home, you may assume the worst immediately. There are a lot of things that can cause these cracks to form. While the cause of some foundation cracks is the normal aging process in […]

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