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House Leveling Job in Walnut Creek CA

We have just completed a house leveling job in Walnut Creek CA with the installation of 15 pipe piles driven to an average depth of 50 feet. The house was constructed on a cut and fill lot where the back of the house was sitting on about 18 feet of very soft fill. The back […]

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The importance of your San Francisco crawlspace

To understand the importance of your San Francisco crawlspace you must first know the purpose. Traditionally, crawlspaces were added to homes that did not have a basement to provide air circulation through the home and also allow easy access to maintenance, repair, and installation needs. Although crawlspaces are not used as living spaces, it is extremely […]

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Why to level your foundation before remodeling

A common question that we get a lot is “should I level my foundation before I remodel”. The answer is Yes. If you are planning on doing any remodeling to your home it is always best to start from the foundation up especially if you have foundation settlement. This way when the remodel takes place […]

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