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House leveling in Concord

We are currently working on a 24 pier job in Concord, California where the house has settled very sharply to the back of the house. The piers are being driven to an average depth of 32 feet with a resistance of 24,000 lbs. per pier. Once all the piers are driven and load tested on […]

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Different Piers-Supporting Bay Area Foundations

We have been supporting Bay Area foundations for numerous years and are experts in the field. Foundation failure can occur from a number of different causes including;  improper drainage, plumbing leaks, tree roots, and hot and dry conditions causing the soil to pull away from the foundation. The many types of ECP steel pier technology […]

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Fireplace Movement

House Leveling Job in Walnut Creek CA

We have just completed a house leveling job in Walnut Creek CA with the installation of 15 pipe piles driven to an average depth of 50 feet. The house was constructed on a cut and fill lot where the back of the house was sitting on about 18 feet of very soft fill. The back […]

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