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Leave It Up to Your California Foundation Contractor

California Commercial Foundation Contractor If you are a business owner, your commercial building in California is important to how you make your living. Your building was built differently than a residential house. The footings are placed deeper into the soil and are wider to hold the load of the building with the taller walls. Taking […]

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foundation settling

California Foundation Leveling

Foundation Leveling in California Expansive soil, excessive water, and poor construction can cause your foundation to settle; which means your home is sinking into the soil. Pressure on your foundation due to soil expansion caused by the changing weather in California leads to foundation settling. As your home was being built, if the soil leveling […]

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San Francisco Conditions and How They Affect Your Foundation

Foundation Repair in San Francisco San Francisco’s climate has been compared to that of a Mediterranean country. Since it is surrounded on three sides by water, San Francisco’s weather is strongly influenced by the cool currents of the Pacific Ocean, which moderate temperature swings and produce a remarkably mild year-round climate with little seasonal temperature […]

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