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Foundation Replacement in Davis, California

After a large tree was removed from next to the house and the brush cleared back away from the foundation they had discovered that about 40-feet of the foundation had been displaced and severely damaged by the tree and root system. After consulting various general contractors they were not satisfied with their options that were […]

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House Leveing Davis

We are just finishing up a house leveling job in Davis,CA that required 4 resistance piers along the right side of the garage to lift and level the garage. The piers were load tested at 20,000 lbs, and driven to an average depth of 42-feet. The garage was lifted approximately 4-inches in order to re-level […]

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Structural Engineer

Over the past 3 years we have used Cliff Tanaka for all our soils and structural engineering. He has specialized in foundation underpinning for 12 years and for the past 30 years has specialized in soil engineering. If you need a foundation evaluation he’s your guy. Cliff will asses the problem area and provide an […]

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Floor Leveling, Pleasanton, Ca

lWe just finished up installing 3 Earth Contact Products model 200 resistance piers to lift and level the floors of a home on Sutter Gate. The piers were installed 30 feet deep and with a custom steel beam and bracket system we were able to lift and stabilize the main support girder. This neighborhood in […]

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Interior Floor Leveling

Today we are off to Walnut Creek to level an interior floor that has experienced some settlement.  As you walk into the bathroom you can see that the floor is no longer touching the base board and there is a bowl effect or sloping floor issue in the immediate area.  After the structural engineer Cliff […]

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