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San Francisco Conditions and How they Affect your Foundation

Foundation Repair San Francisco The San Francisco’s climate has been compared to that of a Mediterranean Country. Since it is surrounded on three sides by water, San Francisco’s weather is strongly influenced by the cool currents of the Pacific Ocean, which moderate temperature swings and produce a remarkably mild year-round climate with little seasonal temperature […]

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Foundation Failure – What to Watch For

Foundation Repair California The foundation is an integral part of any structure.  It distributes the weight of your home evenly to the soil below.  As a homeowner, it is very important that you understand the causes and signs of foundation failure.  Foundation repair is never a “Do it Yourself” project, the well-being of your entire home […]

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Fireplace Movement

House Settling in Larkspur

We are currently working on 2 separate projects in Larkspur in neighborhoods were we have worked in the past. These particular areas are built on approximately 10 to 15 feet of compacted soil that rests on bay mud. The house in these areas experience severe settlement of 10 to 20 inches on average. The houses […]

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