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Orinda House Leveling

It took 17 piers to lift and re-level the back of this home that had experienced over 4-inches of settlement over a 20-foot span. The resistance piers were driven to 30,000 pound refusals to provide a 3 to 1 safety factor.

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Earth Contact Products Horizon Award

We would like to thank Earth Contact Products for selecting Bay Area Underpinning for the 2012 Horizon Award. This award is in recognition for 1. Commitment to excelence as a company. 2. Providing excellent customer service. 3. Excellence in marketing and advertising. 4. Outstanding growth and upward movement towards being a “Core Installer” recipient. We […]

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Earth Contact Products Annual Business Development Workshop

It was a great learning experience for our staff once again at the annual workshop in Kansas City. We learned about some new products that will help supply our customers with a more complete veriety of repairs including crack repair and drainage solutions. We also learned of a few additional specialized underpinning products that will […]

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Foundation Leveling San Rafael, California

This specific job in San Rafael, California was bid by 3 different foundation contractors to underpin and re-level the structure. With 85% of the house being within a 1/4-inch of level and about 15% of the home experiencing some heaving due to poor drainage. Two other contractors bidding on the job suggested to underpin and […]

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Walnut Creek Brick Home

We are currently working on a brick addition on a home in Walnut Creek. The foundation settlement seemed to be caused by the weight of the structure on a spread footing build in poorly compacted fill. The area has settled over 3-inches in a span of about 16-feet. Because of the weight of the structure […]

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