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Foundation Leveling Methods that are Effective

If you live in the Bay Area of California, chances are you have a slab foundation. This kind of foundation is popular in California because the state experiences mild winters. Most homes do not need a deep foundation to penetrate the frost line of the soil. Slab foundations are less trouble to install and generally […]

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Best Foundation Repair Contractor Near You

 Anyone who has dealt with foundation issues has certainly asked: “How do I find the best foundation repair contractor near me?” Finding a professional, local, affordable, and trustworthy foundation repair contractor is important in keeping your family safe and making sure that your home is properly repaired. There are a few things to remember when […]

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Foundation Repair Terminology (2)

Foundation Repair Glossary of Terms

Ever heard a word or phrase used by a foundation repair professional and had no idea what they are talking about? You are not alone. The terminology used to describe foundation problems and repair techniques can be confusing. Understanding some basic terms can give you more confidence when hiring a professional to work on your home […]

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