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Floor cracks are a very common sign of foundation problems in California

Types of Foundation Problems in California Homes

Foundation Problems and Solutions in California Since most foundations in California are simple concrete slab foundations, many homeowners may not think that their homes are in too much danger of developing serious problems. There are however some common foundation problems that can affect slab foundations like those found in California. Because the foundation supports the […]

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New Construction Piers

New Construction Piers Oakland Are you thinking of building a new home for your family or a new building for your business? Maybe you have been advised to get the site soil tested. The information from the soil test will give the members of the building team an idea of what they will be dealing […]

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foundation crack repair in san francisco, sacramento california

Fix Structural Problems Caused by Foundation Sinking and Settlement

Settling Foundation California Many home owners become very scared when they hear the words “settling foundation.” Indeed, a sinking or settling foundation California is a serious issue that should be fixed by a professional foundation repair contractor as soon as possible. A settling foundation might also cause issues in other parts of your home. There are […]

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