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The importance of your San Francisco crawlspace

To understand the importance of your San Francisco crawlspace you must first know the purpose. Traditionally crawlspaces were added to homes that did not have a basement, with a main goal of providing air circulation through the home and also allow easy access to maintenance, repair and installation needs. Although crawlspaces are not used as […]

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Why to level your foundation before remodeling

A common question that we get a lot is “should I level my foundation before I remodel”. The answer is Yes. If you are planning on doing any remodeling to your home it is always best to start from the foundation up especially if you have foundation settlement. This way when the remodel takes place […]

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Screw jack replacement

As a foundation specialist we often get requests for floor support posts or screw jack replacement do to deteriation from rust. We have found that a majority of houses built in the 70’s in the Bay Area have metal screw jacks originally installed for the interior floor support. The screw jacks installed at this time […]

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Resistance pier advantages

As a leading foundation contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area that specializes in foundation lifting, leveling, and stabilizing we have found a huge demand for resistance piers in the Bay Area. We install may different types of piers for underpinning purposes such as resistance piers, drilled concrete piers, helical piers and slab piers. If […]

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Drilled concrete piers

It is our specialty to offer many different techniques in foundation repair. We are currently working on a job in Portola Valley that needed 32 resistance piers to stabilize and relevel the existing foundation with the addition of 15 drilled concrete piers to stabilize the downhill slope of the foundation that was poured in fill. […]

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