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The Most Common Causes of California Cracks

What Causes California Foundation Cracks? There are a lot of different things that can lead to foundation cracks in your California home. Whether these cracks are in your foundation, your walls, or your floor, they can present problems for you. Some recent causes of California cracks in your home may include: Recent Drought: The recent […]

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Four years of drought has impacted California homes

Could the Drought Have an Effect on my California Foundation?

How Does Drought Affect California Foundations? Droughts can be a concern for homeowners in several different ways. Without proper amounts of rain, the plants around your foundation and even some of the trees may start to die, and the grass in your yard can turn brown. However, there is another area of your home that […]

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Foundation Repair for Selling CA Homes

Selling Your Home? Beware of Foundation Problems

Foundation Problems and Home Sales in California While it is not easy to sell your home in today’s market in the first place, it can be made even more difficult when your home is suffering from a foundation problem. Many homeowners are willing to make some home improvements after they purchase a home – such […]

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