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Posted By: bayarea on 27th December 2017 Category: Foundation Repair

 Anyone who has dealt with foundation issues has certainly asked: “How do I find the best foundation repair contractor near me?” Finding a professional, local, affordable, and trustworthy foundation repair contractor is important in keeping your family safe and making sure that your home is properly repaired. There are a few things to remember when determining which local foundation repair contractor is the best choice for your home.

Choosing the Best Foundation Repair Contractor Near You

Foundation repair is a big deal. Make sure that you take adequate time and consideration to choose the most qualified company for your home. Follow these steps to ensure you are making a wise choice:

  1. icon-2Check that the company is licensed and insured. Legitimate and trustworthy companies always have the proper licensing and insurance to complete foundation repair in their respective service area. Not only do proper licensing and insurance increase the chances that the company will perform effective work, they also help prevent the possibility of legal issues for you if there is an accident or if something is repaired improperly.
  2. references for foundation contractor near meLook for references. Companies whose customers are pleased with them will likely be happy to provide you with references – it not, there may be a problem. You can also do your own research to find reviews from previous on Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Better Business Bureau (BBB), and Google My Business. Look for companies that have a majority of good reviews and a high rating on these kinds of websites.
  3. established foundation contractor near meNote how long the company has been in business. There may be nothing wrong with a brand new company, but it is good practice to hire an established and trusted contractor whenever possible. Keep in mind the company’s age when looking through reviews as well. An older company with very few satisfied customer is likely worse than a new company with fewer but happier customers – an older company with many happy customers is ideal.
  4. icon-6Ask about the company’s affiliations. Repair contractors that perform solid work tend to have more affiliations since other company’s trust that they can depend on these contractors and their good reputations to better their own business. Check the company’s website for affiliations or ask directly if you cannot find any links to an affiliations page.
  5. foundation repair productsFind out the products that the company uses. If you can find out what sort of repair products a company uses, do some research on the manufacturer. You may be able to see if they are using high-quality products for their repairs to your home or if they are settling for a cheap brand that compromises the integrity of the repairs to your home.
  6. foundation repair financing bay areaCheck out their financing options and quote processes. Try to find a company that provides free estimates to save yourself some money before you even begin working with the company. Also ask the company if they offer financing options. It will be easier for you to choose a financing plan that works with your budget than to pay for expensive repairs out of pocket.
  7. icon-11Ask about employee training. Most licensed and insured companies make sure that their employees are properly trained for all kinds of foundation repair jobs. If you are concerned, inquire about the extent of training that they require for members of their work teams. The more training the workers have, the better the repairs will probably end up.
  8. foundation repair contractOnly work with companies that provide a contract. If the company refuses to provide you with a written contract, it is a bad sign. Make sure that you are clear on what work is being done as well as how and when you are expected to pay for it. This will prevent any issues later on if you do run into problems with the work the company performs.
  9. foundation contractor permitsMake sure they have the proper permits. It is very important to make sure that the company obtains any building permits necessary to perform repairs. If you are not sure, ask the contractor if they have the proper building permits – if they avoid your question or ask you to obtain building permits yourself, stay away from that company.
  10. trusted foundation repair contractorsHire a company that you feel comfortable with. Trust your instincts on this one. If a contractor is rude or disrespectful and makes you feel uncomfortable, choose a different one. Contractors that refuse to work with you cooperatively or do not place your concerns and satisfaction above their own interests should not be working on your home.

Look for Warning Signs in Local Foundation Repair Contractors

If a contractor that you are talking to shows any of the following warning signs, avoid doing business with them:

  • They require you to pay in full before any work is completed
  • They refuse to give you a written contract or agreement
  • They complain about past customers a lot
  • They use scare tactics
  • They do not have ID or proper licensing
  • They do not provide references
  • They give vague answers to your questions
  • They do not follow a screening process or provide training for employees
  • They require you to pay in cash

If any contractor you are working with completes any of the above actions while you are considering working with them, look for a new contractor as soon as possible.

Still Looking for a Foundation Repair Contractor in the Bay Area?

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