The Benefits of Piers for Your Bay Area Home


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Posted By: bayarea on 19th October 2015 Category: Foundation Repair

Foundation Piers in the Bay Area, California

Because there are a variety of different foundation types in California as well as different foundation problems that may occur, we offer several different piering options for foundation repair, from helical piers to concrete piers. These piers allow us to take the pressure off of the sinking, settling, or cracking foundation and place the weight of the home onto stable soils far underground. Call Bay Area Underpinning today to find the right underpinning solution for your home. We can help support your foundation no matter what the problem is.

Usually, foundations require underpinning because the foundation has started to settle. While a small amount of foundation settlement is normal, it is not normal to see severe foundation settlement resulting in cracks, sloped floors, and other home problems. If you see any signs that your home is settling, invest in foundation repair solutions from Bay Area today. We offer several different types of foundation piers from ECP (Earth Contact Products) to make sure that your home stays safe and sound no matter what happens to the soil underneath. We even offer commercial foundation repair options to save your business front from foundation failure.

Bay Area Underpinning Solutions for Foundation Piers Bay Area

Foundation Piers Bay Area from Bay Area Underpinning

There are several foundation piers to choose from when trying to decide how to repair your home. It is important to keep in mind that different types of foundations and settlement may require different types of foundation piers. The different underpinning piers we offer are:

  • Resistance Piers: This is an end-bearing pier that does not require friction to support your home. Resistance piers use a hydraulic lifting system to lift the home once they have been installed beneath the foundation.
  • Steel Push Piers: These piers are made of durable steel and are installed deep underground until they get to a load-bearing layer of soil that they can anchor into. Once the piers are anchored, they can support and lift the foundation.
  • Helical Piers: These piers work to do the same job as steel and resistance piers, but contain threads that allow them to be screwed into the ground. This means that they offer an added degree of stabilization for your foundation and home.
  • Slab Piers: These piers, either resistance slab piers or helical slab brackets, are great for quickly repairing thinner slabs that have developed a foundation issue. They are installed underground to lift and level the concrete.
  • Concrete Piers: This kind of pier is used to prevent further sinking and lift a home that has started to settle. They can be installed deep underground to offer maximum lift and support.

These piers are all different kinds of underpinning solutions that you can get for your home in San Francisco or Oakland, CA is you call Bay Area Underpinning today. Contact us right away and we’ll inspect your property and let you know what kind of foundation pier is best for your home.