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Posted By: bayarea on 10th March 2015 Category: Foundation Repair

Bay Area Commercial Foundation Solutions

The foundations of commercial buildings in the Bay Area are susceptible to foundation problems. This is due to the soil movement beneath the foundation. When the soil become overly
Commercial foundation solutions in the Bay Areasaturated it will heave and when it becomes too dry, it shrinks. This constant movement of the soil can cause the foundation to shift and settle. Some of the signs of foundation settlement are:

  • Floor cracks
  • Sloping floors
  • Wall cracks
  • Gaps and spaces
  • Misaligned doors and windows
  • Brick and masonry cracks

If you notice any of these signs of foundation problems in your commercial building, it is important to contact the professionals at Bay Area Underpinning to come and inspect your commercial building. If we find that you are in need of foundation repair, we will offer you the best solution for your foundation repair needs. Our foundation repair methods and products are made to support the weight of your commercial structure’s weight.

It is important to have the foundation repair done at the first sign of a problem. If it is ignored, the entire commercial structure can become damaged. The foundation is the most important part of your commercial structure as it holds the entire structure. Let Bay Area Underpinning give you a free inspection.

Commercial Foundation Repair Solutions in the Bay Area

Bay Area Underpinning uses underpinning products such as helical piers and steel piers to get your commercial structure back to its original level. These piers are driven deep into the ground through the unstable soil layers until they reach a solid soil layer. Each piers is individually load tested then using hydraulic jacks, the entire weight of the commercial building is transferred onto the piers, leveling and stabilizing the structure.

These ECP piers are suited for commercial foundation repair due to their lift capability, vibration free installation and easy load verification. The footings are wider and deeper, the walls are taller and the loads are greater in a commercial structure. That is why it is important to have a company that is familiar with commercial foundation repair and has the products to get the commercial foundation repair done.

Bay Area Underpinning uses only the best foundation repair products in the industry, manufactured by Earth Contact Products (ECP). With our ECP products and with the experience of our team, your commercial foundation repair will be done quickly with as little disturbance as possible. We have built an outstanding reputation in the Bay Area and we intend to keep it that way. We take pride in our work and we know how important it is to keep the customer’s concerns as our main priority.

It is important to have a structural engineer from Bay Area Underpinning to repair your commercial foundation so that the repair will last for many years to come. Don’t let a foundation problem in your commercial structure cause you to have structural damage throughout the entire structure. Let Bay Area Underpinning repair your commercial foundation and keep it structurally sound for years to come.



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