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Posted By: bayarea on 10th September 2015 Category: Foundation Repair

If you live in the Bay Area of California, you may have experienced certain types of foundation problems. As a result of the seismic activity and soil erosion that people experience in Northern California, foundation issues are certainly not uncommon. Earthquakes, big and small, can cause shifting and unevenness in your home’s foundation. Most of California’s soil consists of clay, which is very susceptible to moisture. When heavy rainfall comes, the soil underneath your home will soak up excess water and create pressure against your foundation walls. This can cause foundation shifting, settling, and heaving. During hot weather seasons, the clay soil will shrink and become dry. This can also cause foundation problems, as the dry soil can create holes and voids in the bottom of your foundation.

The Best Foundation Repair Services in Northern California

As a homeowner in the Bay Area, it is important to recognize the signs of foundation failure in order to have the proper repairs made. If you have noticed sloping floors, leaning walls, cracked drywall, misaligned windows, or sticky doors, you may be in need of foundation repair. If any of these things have occurred in your home, call Bay Area Underpinning today. We have a team of highly trained and experienced foundation repair experts that can solve any problems you may be having. Our equipment is the best on the market because we want to ensure our customers with the best possible service. We are a licensed underpinning company that is extremely qualified for all different types of foundation repair.

We are proud to serve homeowners all over the Bay Area in California. Our service area reaches the cities of:

For all of your Bay Area, California foundation repair needs, Bay Area Underpinning has a solution for you. Call us today to learn more about the incredible services that we offer to all of our customers.